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Some herbicides have long persistency in the soil e.g. Atrazine and therefore this could affect any following susceptible crops e.g. Soya beans following full rates of Atrazine could be affected. The selection of herbicides in closely spaced rotations needs careful consideration. The length of time pre-emergent herbicides remain in the soil varies from 6 weeks to 9 months.
Triple rinse all pesticide containers and puncture them before disposing them in a suitable burial site?
Accurate sprayer calibration is essential for proper pesticide application. An average of 200 litres of water is needed per hectare.
An example, for a 16L knapsack, if the application rate is 3L per hectare, calculate as follows: 16/200 X 3 = 0.24L of pesticide in a 16L knapsack sprayer.
Application is done after scouting and when the pest control treatment will provide an economic return. Timing of an application is very important in safeguarding the bee population as well. Apply when bees are not actively foraging generally in the late afternoon or early evening.
For the correct use of a remedy, it is absolutely imperative that all label instructions are strictly adhered to.
Firstly, apply preventative fungicides as they create a protective barrier that stops infection before it starts. Moreover, apply curative fungicides after noting the first signs of a disease.

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