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Cabbages Grower Guide

PRODUCTION GUIDELINES FOR 1 HECTARE OF CABBAGES & OTHER BRASSICAS Cabbages are widely adapted to a wide range of weather conditions hence they can be grown throughout the year in most regions. Cabbages may be planted by direct seeding or transplanting of seedlings. Direct seeding may require up to 2kgs of seed. Plant spacing: Large […]
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Tomatoes Production Guide

PRODUCTION GUIDELINES FOR 1 HECTARE OF TOMATOES Seed requirements: Depends on the variety, among other factors. Generally, require about 150 grams per hectare to achieve a plant population of 20 000 plants. Time of Planting: Tomatoes can be grown anytime throughout the year in frost free areas. Spacing: 1.5 – 2.0 m between rows and […]
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Maize Grower Guide

PRODUCTION REQUIREMENTS FOR 1 HECTARE OF MAIZE Seed requirements: 25 kgs of seed Plant population: 45 000 to 55 000 depending on the variety, time of planting, agro-ecological region and intended purpose. Successful cultivation of maize depends largely on three crucial factors namely: Appropriate soil conditioning Appropriate and timely soil nutrition management Efficacy of weed […]
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