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The best herbicides for Zimbabwe

Herbicides are used in the control of invasive plants that affect your crop by speeding up the crop plant growth patterns or altering these growth patterns and in the worst case scenario stopping a crop plant from growing. When the invasive plants are present in your field they cause your desired plant to dry out their leaves or stems and in some cases simply make the plants drop their leaves.

Because of these invasive plants, yields are affected and in some cases the entire crop is destroyed.

Most Zimbabwean farmers use herbicides as the only practical method of selectively managing or eliminating specific types of weeds. Communal farmers resort to labour intensive methods such as weeding with hoes which is not efficient when farming for commercial purposes. The range of herbicides offered by CP Chemicals provide a more efficient and cost effective method of weed management.

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CP Chemicals provides pre-emergent and post emergent herbicides suitable for maize crops. For pre-emergent herbicides, you can use S Metolachlor 960 EC, Rescue 650 EC, Broom 537.5 SE, Glyphosate 41 SL and Atrazine 50SC etc

For post emergent herbicides you can use Natto 260 OD, Dicamba 480 SL, Atrazine 50SC, Bromoxynil 250 EC/500 EC, Nicosulfron 75 WDG and Halosulfron 75 WG etc
We recommend you use CP Chemicals pre-emergent such as Sulfentrazone 75 WG/48 EC, Clomazone 48 EC, Propaquizafop 10 EC, S Metolachlor 960 EC and Rescue 650 EC and CP Chemicals post emergents such as Fuzifop 12.5 EC, Bentazone 48 SC etc
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